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We ALL love our dogs yet far too many of us are innocently sending them to an early grave! Have YOU Been Misled Into Damaging Your Dog’s Health and Immune System?

You Have The Power To Reverse The Damage and Improve Your Dog’s Health — Naturally! ->My book will teach you what to do and why in order to create optimal health naturally in your dog! First in a series of books on The Naturally Healthy Dog!

Dear Dog Guardian,

Are you doing everything you can to insure that your dog will have a long, healthy and happy life?

You fell in love the first time you looked into those big eyes. I know because I’ve had dogs for over 50 years, and the love always starts with that look.

Then when you took your new dog home, you promised that you would do everything possible to take care of her. And if you’ve shown dogs like I have, you learn that there is even more to do.

The Natural Diet - Sandra Bailey

Sure, you’ve kept your promises and you show your devotion daily when you:

  • Schlep him to the Vet and keep up with vitamins
  • Nourish him with premium dog food
  • Play with him with his favorite toy
  • Buy cute collars and T-shirts
  • Reward her with natural dog treats
  • Take her with you when you travel ‘ and if that’s not possible, hire a dog sitter for the time that you are away
  • Search out the most comfortable dog bed (although she probably still sleeps on yours)

FrodoThank You Sandra so much!

My Dog Frodo is my best friend and I would truly do anything to keep him healthy and happy.

For the first two years of his life I tried numerous dry dog foods and always wondered if I was doing the right thing. Once I started him on your Naturally Healthy Diet, things changed for Frodo immediately. He has more energy, is more playful, eats darrell wingerakeverything in his bowl each day and his “business trips” are much easier to manage. It really seems like he is happier and more energetic.

This is truly the best thing I have ever done for my boy. Keep up the good work and thanks for the newsletter.

I look forward to every issue!

If anyone wants to ask me more question about my experience, contact me.


Please people, if you love your dog listen to what Sandra has to say.

Darrell Wingerak & Frodo

But are you REALLY doing all you can to EXTEND YOUR DOG’S LIFE ‘ To make sure that the quality of his life is the best possible ‘ To make sure that your dog is healthy and happy and lives as long as possible?

I lost one of my dogs when she was only 9 years old. That started me on a journey to discover what more I could do for my dogs. I researched diets, nutrition and alternative health care. As a result, I have become a member of the National Center for Homeopathy and a Professional Member of the Animal Wellness Association.

Real Dogs Don't Eat Kibble What if you could have a break through in how to care for your dog?

Wouldn’t you commit to doing those things that would improve your dog’s health, boost his immune system, and add to the length of his life?

That would mean more time together for you and your furry companion.

‘Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!

is the first book in The Naturally Healthy Dog’ Series, and will tell you the things that you can do right away to achieve that goal.

And the best part is that if you act right now, you can purchase the e-book for the low introductory price of just $24.97! It will soon be priced at $39.97.

Here is an overview of the book and what you will learn:

Chapter 1 ‘ No Healthy Dog?

  • Find out what I learned that prompted me to make that statement.

  • Learn the basis of what dog guardians need to know and what you can do to improve your dog’s health.

  • Discover why the natural diet and proper nutrition and lifestyle are important.

  • Why our dogs are not healthy today’.(this is why you need this book!)

Chapter 2 ‘ Why Raw Food?

  • Find out the role of raw food in your dog’s diet and why it is so important.

  • Understand disease and a suppressed immune system.

  • What you can do to help your dog build and maintain a healthy immune system.

Chapter 3 ‘ Foods to Use

  • A list of the foods that are appropriate for your dog and the role they play in her health and nutrition.

Chapter 4 ‘ Foods to Avoid

  • Along with knowing what is best to feed your dog, you must also know what Not to feed to your dog.

  • Find out what harm these foods can do to your companion.

Chapter 5 ‘ Putting It Together: Recipes and Portions

  • How do you consider your dog’s particular nutritional needs?

  • Learn how to prepare the meal.

  • Includes a form to help you put the meal together.

  • How you make the change to the new diet for your dog.

  • What to look for once your dog is on the new diet.

  • Learn the importance of fasting and why.

Chapter 6 ‘ When You Can’t Feed Fresh Food

  • There are times when you may not be able to feed your dog fresh food. This chapter contains a list of the best prepared foods on the market today and why.

Chapter 7 ‘ The Importance of Journaling

  • Why keeping a journal about your dog is important and a journal page for you to copy in order to create your journal.

  • How to examine your dog and what to look for.

  • Information on pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and much more.

Chapter 8 ‘ Looking Ahead

  • What else is available to help you keep your dog healthy and to share a long life with her?

  • Descriptions of other health practices and what they can do for your dog.

and more….

“Raw Food Diet – Dogs should not eat kibble By Daniel Beatty, DVM …

I have been asked to find more appropriate holistic in nature products to promote for my website. Well I will tell you, it has been very difficult to find. However, I have found one that many of you that do not feed raw need to read. I feed my dogs raw.. because it is healthier for them. …it provides my dogs with missing micronutrients and other more natural vitamins and minerals that are cooked out and processed out of dry dog food known as kibble. If you want more information about feeding raw, I have found a book that will explain all the concepts very well.

Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!” is a book written by Sandra Bailey. A Papillon lover that has shown her dogs for over 20 years. In that time, she has learned a lot about their health and care. Many people turn to searching for alternatives and holistics due to a tragedy and Sandra is no different. After losing one of her Papillon’s at the early age of 9, she researched and found that diet is the way to improve your dogs health, especially the immune system. So check out by reading “Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!”"

Daniel Beatty, DVM

“Thanks so much! I must say I am very favorably impressed with not only your book and your knowledge, but with your dedication to our pets and to your customers. I look forward to all the new features you are planning and pray you will be blessed immensely as you have blessed us.”

Sincerely, Ellen Gonzalez

“Want a Safe, Healthy Dog Food you Can Trust Sandra Bailey, author of Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble tells us that heat used to cook commercial dog food destroys important nutrients that dogs need for immune system support.

This contradicts the premise of cooked recipes but is touted by many dog nutritionists as the best option for your dog. Ms Bailey suggests a home made raw dog food diet to maximize the delivery level of nutrients. This is easy to do and an improvement in your dog’s health can be detected in just a matter of days. The challenge for many is how to design a healthy dog food recipe.

Ms Bailey answers this challenge by including a variety of dog food recipes and tips.”

By Danny

“As a professional Papillon breeder who follows the natural diet and holistic care for my dogs, I found ‘Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!’ to be very informative.

For someone who is new to or learning about the natural raw diet and alternative healthcare for their dog, Sandra takes a subject of which many dog guardians are not aware, and writes it in language that is direct and easy to understand. The emphasis of the book is on prevention of illness, and it is clear that she has your dog’s health and wellbeing in mind.

As you read, you’ll realize that her passion and love for ALL DOGS, not just her own, led her to write this book. I look forward to reading her future books.”

Christine Mullen
SunBelt Papillons
Member of The Papillon Club of America

“I found ‘Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!’ to be well written and a perfect introduction to dog guardians who are interested in caring for their dogs in a holistic way.

Ms Bailey’s facts are correct and she conveys that she really cares about animal health. I am looking forward to additional information that she will be sharing in the future.”

James E. Schacht, DVM Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Certified Veterinary Homeopath
Past President Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy

“T” went to the vet for his checkup last week. He’s 7.5 pounds now. Perfect weight. Vet shocked at how healthy he is. I worked based on the guidelines you gave in the book. It took awhile to find everything, but I did. Now it’s easy. After I make my doggy brew, I freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop them into freezer bags.”

Abbie Eagle-Pence

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  • What You Need To Know About Your Dog and Fleas

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Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, 100%, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with my product, just contact me within two months and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings!

Really, how do you put a price on seeing your dog live the longest, healthiest life possible, and know that you are doing all you can to contribute to the quality of his life?

Imagine how you will feel when you see your dog with a glowing coat and shining eyes, and see her full of energy and loving life!

Imagine seeing him be the puppy he once was!

Imagine how you will feel knowing that you are doing the things that are allowing him to feel that way!

When it comes to your dog’s health and quality of life, ‘Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!’ and the Bonus Package is truly ‘Priceless!’

PS. When you read my book, you will have the Power to Improve Your Dog’s Health Naturally. You will discover how to improve your dog’s immune system and add to the quality of his life

PPS . And I promise that if you follow the steps in the information you receive, you will see even more benefits than are mentioned in the book and report.

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