I have two female Papillons.  They are half sisters and only 6 months apart in age.  Digit is 6 years old and weighs 4 lbs.  Pip is 5 ½ years old and weighs 6 lbs.

One evening in December, I let Digit out to run around in the back yard and Pip was in the house with me.  Because they had started getting into scuffles, I had been letting them out at different times and always made sure that I picked up whoever was on the side of the door with me.

Anyway, with boarding dogs in the house and other things going on, I went to the back door to let Pip out and forgot that Digit was already outside.

It was dark and I had not turned on the deck light, so when I opened the door, there was little Digit sitting there patiently waiting for someone to let her in.  Pip immediately jumped on Digit and a fight ensued.

First, I had to be sure that the boarding dogs were in a safe place and would not get involved.  Then because Pip was on top of Digit, I “scruffed” her at the back of the neck to pick her up.  She still had hold of Digit.  By this time I did have them inside the house where there was a carpeted floor and then Pip let go of Digit.

I immediately put Pip in the crate that was by the door and turned my attention to Digit.  She was on her back, head was twisted to the left, lips drawn back and all four legs straight and stiff up in the air.  She was clearly in a seizure!

I picked Digit up and carried her to the bed and first checked for any blood.  I did not see any.  I called my best friend and mentor, Christine, and the first thing she said was to “give her Rescue Remedy and this time your’re going to have to go to the Vet.”

You know that I use a Homeopathic Vet and believe in using natural remedies and alternative treatments. So, I gave her a big dropper of Rescue Remedy, tried to get in touch with my Vet, and gave her another dose of Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a mixture of Bach flower essences and it’s purpose is to relieve stress.  So it was the natural thing to give her right away.

As luck would have it, my Vet had closed for the day and the only thing open was the emergency clinic.  They are very good, but they are strictly conventional.  I wrapped her in a towel to keep her warm and her body had already begun to relax from what I had given her.

When we got to the clinic, they took us into an exam room and then took her to the back.  After what seemed an eternity, I walked into the back.  I am used to always being with my dogs whenever anything is being done to them.  The Vet was examining her and was surrounded by a lot of techs.  She answered a few questions for me and then I told her that I was not leaving my dog.  So, she and the techs got Digit and we all walked back into the exam room.

Digit was awake and alert but when the Vet put her on the floor, she could not stand without help.  Also, her eyes were pulled to the left.  She could not look straight ahead.  After a while she was placed on the floor again and this time she could only walk in tight circles to the left.  She tried to come to me and could only “crab” to the left and eventually make it to me.

The vet told me that she had a critical brain injury with secondary neurological deficits and that she should stay there for the night.  She had also begun to have serous discharge from her nose.  Because I always take care of my dogs, I wanted to take her home so I could watch her.  So they told me some of the things I needed to watch for and by the time I heard “critical brain injury” for the third time, I decided it would be best to leave her there so that trained people could watch over her.

The Vet said that the first thing they would do is give here a cortisone shot.  I immediately told her not to, that I did not want them to give her anything without calling me first and discussing why it was needed.  Cortisone shots will help break down the natural immune system.  I did agree with putting her on an IV to hydrate her.  They were to call me with any changes that occurred and I was free to call them anytime.  By the time I left, which was 3hours later, Digit was still walking in circles to the left, but they were larger circles.

I called several time during the night and was told each time that she was continuing to improve.  When I picked her up the next morning they were amazed at the amount of improvement she had made.  She no longer had the twisted neck.  Her eyes were still being pulled to the left, but only mildly.  She was able to stand, if she was leaning on something.  She was still unable to walk by herself, but their notation on the discharge sheet stated, “Drastically improved over presentation last night.”

I took her to my vet’s clinic and found out that he was away and unreachable that day, a Friday, and would return on Monday.  They kept her for the day and continued fluids, and because they practice with a homeopathic vet, they are somewhat familiar with what he would do.  So they started her on Arnica Montana, a homeopathic remedy that is recommended for brain and spinal cord injury.  It prevents further damage and can speed healing.  It is especially good for blunt traumas that result in bruising.  I picked her up that afternoon and they were amazed at the progress that she was continuing to show, so they felt that they did not need to see her on Saturday unless there was a set back.

On Monday I took her to see her vet and by that time she was walking “almost” straight and her eyes were fine.  There was some weakness on her left side, but he felt that since she had improved that much in such a short time, that over time, she would get all her strength back.

He also changed her remedy to Natrum sulphricum which is also recommended for brain and spinal cord injury, but especially if there is pain at the base of the brain and the back of the neck, which Digit displayed.  She was on the new remedy for a week and I took her back to the vet and we were both pleased at the improvement.  She still had some weakness on the left side but we both felt that she would regain her strength over time, which she has.

A week later I took her in for a chiropractic treatment and she seemed to enjoy it very much.  He worked on her neck quite a bit and she let him know when enough was enough.

While I was writing this, a friend dropped by who had not seen Digit since the week after her injury.  Her statement was, “You can’t tell that anything ever happened to her.”

And that is true.  She is back to her old self.

What I want to point out is, there were no drugs used in the recovery.  Since Digit has never had any vaccines or antibiotics, and has always been fed a healthy raw diet, she has a strong immune system.

By giving her Rescue Remedy right away to help with stress, which can weaken the immune system, her own system helped her recover a lot that first night.  By giving her the homeopathic remedies that helped cure what was going on in her body, plus her natural strong immunity, she was able to make a full recovery.

No antibiotics, shots, procedures, etc, just natural remedies and nature doing its thing.

This is what you can do for your dog if you feed the correct diet and stay away from vaccines and antibiotics (unless absolutely necessary) and this is a conversation you must have with your own vet and then make your own decision.  Don’t have something done to your dog just because your vet says so.

S/He’s your dog and she relies on you to make the right decisions for her.  Find a homeopathic or holistic vet and start going to them.  Feed the correct diet.  It may cost a little more, but I promise you that you will have less vet visits.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about this newsletter.  I love to hear from you.


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