"Nutro Modifies Advertising Claims For Lite Pet Food Products"

The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (NAD) recommended that Nutro change their advertising for its "lite” pet foods to conform to industry standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Hill’s Pet Nutrition challenged Nutro’s claims on their “lite” pet food because Hill’s said the pet food products exceeded the maximum calorie allowance for lite pet food according to industry guidelines.

Nutro said that AAFCO had no standards for “lite” pet foods when the    company introduced Natural Choice Lite 13 years ago. The company called the pet food “lite” because it contained less fat and protein than their other dog food products.

After reviewing the products and evidence, the NAD concluded that Natural Choice Lite and Natural Choice Small Bites Lite did not meet AAFCO’s standards for “lite” pet food products.

NAD recommended that Nutro immediately stop labeling these products as “lite” until they have taken the steps to ensure that the products do not exceed AAFCO’s calorie limits.

The company disagreed with NAD’s findings that their “lite” pet food exceeded AAFCO’s guidelines, but Nutro said, “[We will] take all of NAD’s suggestions into account for [our] future advertising and make any necessary modifications in accordance with NAD’s recommendations so that [our] Natural Choice Lite product continues to comply with AAFCO guidelines.

Source: PetAge


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