Music Therapy For Dogs?

How does your pet react to music?  Does he howl to make you stop singing? Or does she start tapping her toes and dances even better than you dance?

Music has always been used as therapy for humans, and now there is a group of  harpists around the nation that is using the power of music to help animals.

Aliana Boone, a harpist, said, “The structure of the harp is considered to be the most healing instruments next to the human voice.” Boone plays for family pets that are sick and produced a CD “Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast.”

Boone has even played her harp for hospitalized canines at a vet clinic, and the music sessions immediately began to lower the heart rate, anxiety and respiration in many of the dogs.

All sorts of animals seem to benefit from the power of music. Cassie, a cow at a farm sanctuary, had anxiety-related behavior issues. One of the volunteers played a CD of harp songs, and within 20 minutes, Cassie dozed off and was at peace.

Diane Schneider, a harpist who produced “Harp of Hope: Animal Therapy Edition”, said music doesn’t work for all animals, but for the animals that it does work on, it works really well.

Schneider said pet owners have stated that her CD has helped arthritic dogs  fall asleep and calm anxious cats.

She recommended that pet owners play music before a stressful situation like going to the vet or grooming appointment.

Every detail of the instrumentals are specifically arranged to promote peace and relaxation in animals. Schneider added, “I’m hopeful that there will be a great increase in the use of this benevolent therapy. It is a very cost-effective, beneficial, soothing, calming intervention for animals and the people who love animals.”


Source: MSNBC

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