About Sandra Bailey

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I’m Sandra Bailey, and the first pet that I had was a kitten. I only had it for about a week and had to give it up because I had a severe allergy. I was told at the time that I would never be able to have a pet.

So, I had goldfish instead, the ones with the big fan tails and pop eyes. One would always be gold and the other black, and of course they were named Goldie and Blackie, but without #1, #2, etc. attached to the name. When I was fourteen, a cocker spaniel in the neighborhood had a litter of mixed puppies looking for homes. Somehow I convinced my parents that I would be ok if I got one. I promptly picked out the runt and when Mom asked why, I said, “Because she looked like she needed me.” And that began my love affair with dogs.

I got my next dog from the Humane Society in Los Angeles. He picked me by never taking his eyes off me as I walked up and down looking at all the dogs, and he was with me for fourteen years. I discovered after he left for the Rainbow Bridge, that he had been a Papillon mix, so that is when I became involved with Papillons. When I lost my first Papillon at the young age of nine, I began my study in nutrition and alternative health care. I felt that there was a better way to care and support our dogs, improve their immune systems and extend their lives as long as possible.

I am a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, a Professional Member of the Animal Wellness Association and a member of Canine Health Concern. I have shown Papillons for over twenty years, and have become more and more involved in various aspects of the canine world. I currently have three Papillons, but I do not breed them because I readily admit that I would not be able to part with any of them.

Since my retirement from Human Resources work in the corporate world, I have set up a doggie daycare and overnight stay in my home, Ruff Ruff Resort, specilizing in small dog care. My overnight doggie guests sleep in my bedroom with me and my dogs.

Where else?

I am currently working on the next book in the Naturally Healthy Dog Series, plus some articles and reports. Stay tuned.